Jeihan Sukmantoro Image

About The Artist

Jeihan is a successful Indonesian fine artist, well known for his expensive paintings. His works have been collected by collectors, galleries, museums and famous people including Ministers and President of Republic Indonesia.

Jeihan’s trademark can be identified with the ‘black eyes’ or ‘hollowed eyes’ many people says,The eyes are fully painted in black symbolizing the darkness of mystery in human path. The eyes became Jeihan’s trade mark for such a long time, he invented the ‘hollow eyes’ in 1963 during his college days in ITB, which were a difficult time of his life.

Jeihan who was born in 1938, studied fine art in ITB, a prestigious school in Indonesia at 22, but he never finished the study because of his rebellious attitude. Young Jeihan didn’t get any formal education until he was 15. It was an accident that stopped him from going to school early. The accident caused him a brain injury and almost took his life. At the time Jeihan was believed dead but he woke up before he got buried. This Near Death Experience affected his way of thinking and his works.